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  • Bevel Bit with Sweet Iron Mouth This bit allows mild leverage and helps with control. The sweet iron and copper mouthpiece aids salivation and acceptance of the bit. The ring is larger on the 5" & 5.5" so the bit remains in proportion with the larger horses head.Artnr: S519

    289,00 kr
  • Copper Lozenge Snaffle with Sweet Iron Mouth The sweet iron and copper combination used in this training bit provides a warmth for the horse which encourages salivation and gives a pleasant taste.Artnr: S510

    255,00 kr
  • Double Jointed Sweet Iron Pelham Pelhams work on the poll, corners, bars, tongue and chin groove. This bit will assist with control. The jointed mouthpiece will lessen the nutcracker action. The copper and sweet iron will encourage the horse to be softer in the mouth. Raised copper ribs help to prevent the horse taking too much of a hold. Artnr: S523

    489,00 kr
Visar 1 - 3 $ d objekt